About Peter

About Peter

Peter is currently a Pastor at Gateway Church in Winnipeg, Canada, where he lives with his wife Julia and four girls.

Having been born in Bristol, Peter lived in Somerset before moving up to Newcastle when he was 7 years old. He stayed in the North East of England before doing a degree in Music from Hull University where he first met his future wife, Julia. After going to Durham University to do a Post Graduate Certificate of Education, he taught Music and Creative and Performing Arts, firstly at Dunston Comprehensive School and then at Emmanuel College, both in Gateshead.

In 1992, Peter moved to Winnipeg, Canada and joined Gateway Church. He taught in The King’s School for three years during which time Julia and he got married. Shortly afterwards he left teaching to lead a Gateway congregation plant in the South of Winnipeg where they stayed for 10 years. During that time their daughters, Lucy, Jessica, Rachel and Elizabeth were born.

Peter then returned to school work and became the Principal of The King’s School, a post which he held till 2010. Since then he has returned to working as a Pastor at Gateway Church, now based at the Panet Road congregation.

Peter wrote his first song as a 16 year old and has continued composing since. His music reflects his love of a wide variety of musical genres and styles. He particularly enjoys playing jazz.

His lyrics are a reflection of his heart for worship, his deep love for the riches of Christian hymnology and His desire for the glory of God .

Peter also writes when he can, everything from sermons to children’s stories. His first book, Heavenly Worship, was published by Destiny Image in 2002.